12 Angry men (russian remake)

heu melior quanto sors tua sorte mea
(translated from the latin for you here):
"alas, how much better is your lot than mine"

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12 (2007) Russian remake of 1957 Hollywood original production of "12 Angry men" starring Henry Fonda)

The Russian people as depicted in this movie are often polarized
between those European Christians and those Jews who are in their
midst with better ideas of their own in regards to the dispensation
of what are more just decisions intended to better serve members
of their own community and the community on the whole as they do
feel they have a role to play which shouldn't be ignored and is in some
respect "more enlightened" in regards to being thoughtful in taking
their views where controversies arise affecting everyone involved.
One Jury member who declares he is 100% Jewish (as scripted) asserts
that it his endowment of a better mind in respect to being more
"thoughtful" on matters than his Gentile neighbour in discussing the
matters at hand at times, such as the guilt or innocence of a
Chechyan youngster accused of killing his own father. Ultimately it is
those who have the best spirit, and with the best sense they are
capable of engaging whether instinctively or perhaps with some
direction to better enable them to do so, who must prevail with the
best judgment on the whole in all matters affecting our concerns on
the planet - and the man with the best human position on any issue
(fully respecting where the truest most merited concerns
legitimately are in existence) should be allowed to offer advice and
cause others to act upon it and prevail in so doing ultimately of
course. Many ordinary Russians would put the "Bush mindset" to
shame in what is their level of human brilliance instead of sheer
stupidity which the Bush people seem to come up with it seems. (I've
seen Bush be quite rude with a Christainly Irish gal in particular I
should mention - she was a TV interviewer from Ireland in fact) Lets
get all the best folks together from Russia, the rest of Europe and
America, and even Australia (in lead at the start?) and resolve our
differences for the sake of the human race which we have the best
capacity to be and continue so doing ultimately and free of allowing
evil instincts to stand in our way of unity in this as we wont allow it
and will instead call if what it is, till all the best folks can prevail
forever more in our midst and on the planet Amen.

 Michael Rizzo Chessman