7 Days in Entebbe  7 days in Entebbe

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This movie is about the daring raid by Israel on the airport at
Entebbe in Uganda during the time of Idi Amin, in order to rescue the
hostages held there in order to gain the release of a few of those
fighting for Palestine held in jails in Israel. The events are based on
the true story of evens at that time, Israels' mission mainly
succeeded in this case, with relatively few casualties, which did
include the brother of present day Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin
Netanyahu, who was a soldier who took part in the raid and lost his
life unfortunately. In his honour we have added the national anthem
of Israel in place of the mainly silence at the end of the movie where
credits are shown after the conclusion of the movie action itself. In
a discussion at high levels in the movie depicting an exchange between
Israeli leadership members, the words are spoken that Israel has
to be able to bring itself to negotiate with its neighbours (in good
faith I submit) if there is to be co-existence on the planet and in the
region after all, rather than to wait until there is acceptance of
Israel through occupation of those who are its enemies - for the
very reason they object to such an occupation in spirit and in
principle as human beings citing conscience. Otherwise, Israel will
become as a prison unto itself. says the leader of Israel's regime
depicted in the movie. Lets hope that never comes to be as predicted
and that some truly just solution is found for the sake of the good
people everywhere there and on the planet who want it to be so, in
actual and ultimate fairness all around for human beings of good
nature and spirit ultimately i might add.

Michael Rizzo Chessman