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This is a movie with a gory scene or two of murdered women in some
sort of ritualistic manner offering some demented of this mindset
an idea of a fantasy thrill played out on screen perhaps - no doubt
in fact.

Our own dear Al Pacino plays a forensic Psychiatrist on board with
the FBI and becomes the target of mindsets mainly seeking to
discredit his human genius in preference for those otherwise
inclined with a different sense of sanity and wisdom it seems down

On one occasion, while being cross examined as a psychiatric expert
about a convicted serial killer the Defendant's attorney
interrupts to say that his opinions aren't the same as "fact" given
that he is rendering only an expert "opinion" Fact is his expert
opinion might just stand as fact of expert testimony if you do allow
him the courtesy to explain before seeming to rudely interrupt
continually as a bigot of sorts on the side of your own mindset
expressing itself instead in such matters before the courts and
in the public arena too I daresay

Michael Rizzo Chessman