American coup

"American coup" - 2010

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The documentary deals with what was a grab for Iran's oil by
Britain (using bribery and oppressive tactics to dupe the ruling
regime into submission on a forced "contract" as they referred
to it - nothing but blatant theft anyway you look at it - Iran was
poor, its citizens starving, yet the British gave nothing to Iran for
its oil and took what it wanted for itself with some idea of
supremacy which lacks all validity as we now see further into
history that we have since come in order to have examined both
peoples more for what they are made of in the choices and
preferences displayed in respect of matters of humanistic worth.
The Kuwaiti and Sharia minded saudi Sheiks who constitute the
rulers of the regimes in question have always instead had more
than they need for their own use, while Lebanon has most of all
done without as has Iran in the period referred to in this
documentary tale..

When Iran's rulers finally rejected the situation and threw the
British out, the UN failed to back Britain as requested as did the
International court at the Hague. Britain then asked the USA to
overthrow Iran's democratic government - which was secular,
free of religious extremism back then and intent on ruling justly,
to advance the welfare of its peoples, Britain asked the US to
topple this government which resulted in an oppressive regime
being installed instead on phony claims of a communistic threat
possibly in the future.(similar to the dishonest claims made
against Iraq to justify invasion which became insanely a lunatics
 idea of fun with bombings with no seeming end or rationale in
terms of conscience as understood by the common humanity on
the planet - to this very day - with a decade of insanely cruel
 sanctions that followed (See comments against this barbarism
by British MP Sir George Galloway posted at our sites and on
uploads at this site).

USA Anchor Ted Koppel says of the Iran Hostage taking decades
later that "if the Iranians had done to us what did to them in the
decades previously (Americans might have done the same - hostage
taking etc)

When as leader of I ran adverts in Canada back
in 1999 to promote efforts to preserve cultures of the founding
mosaic - British and French in Canada I was in an instance
interviewed by a press reporter from Manitoba where my adverts
had also run - I told him at the time that Britain should never do
without needed heating Oil to keep the folks there warm in the
Winters etc - as long as Canada had a single drop of oil in its
reserves that could benefit the mother country as it were. He was
unimpressed as there seemed little left of British spirited loyalties
in the mind of the reporters such as him in Canada - all hell bent
then and since in third world priorities and involvement and joining
in with instead - perhaps even on an open borders basis no doubt!
God forbid!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo documentaries)

trump with his saudi favorite picks apparently