Donnie Brasco (Al Pacino)  Donnie Brasco  (1997)


This is a movie from back in 1997 starring Mr. Al Pacino, a most
favourite actor of my own. Its a mob movie, involving an FBI informant played by Johnny Depp who infiltrates the "family" in order to betray the secrets of what sins are shown to have gone on, to the feds My only brief comment on this movie is that they should stop encouraging negative stereotypes of folks involved with the Italian mob - with a bigoted agenda in mind without a doubt. The days of using weapons of the sort shown in this movie in a scene where members of a "shooting party" are seen to dismember their victims using butcher knives are no longer in our psyche as a part of everyday living as in  the days of old prior to conquest of a civilizing effort to bring some civil ideas of co-existing in peace and with some sanity along the  lines we have come to develop instead of the constant pre-occupation with Hobbesian notions of what life entails on the planet for man - given the very negative cynicism depicted in this movie. Lets not show such cruelty anymore as potentially normal place in some in our midst for whichever reason - such barbarity as though men could be ordinarily be driven to display it for no other reason than to vent insanely against other community members just to show off a psyche which has no place in modern affairs of humankind anymore - if ever it did. The very nicest men I know have included - the very best in fact in regards to decency is an Italian cafe owner born in Albania, along with my brother in law Jose from Spain. Lets use them as the better examples instead of what we can be and how we can live and
make more of on this earth of the greatest most caring most human and most decent men who lack no strength whatever. Jose is a martial arts "black-belt" while Clement had incredible strength to deter any "Phillistine" opponent I could imagine. Stop with the bigoted stereotypes and the encouraging of a wrong ideas of what is "strong enough" in Men as to represent real virtue in our midst ultimately. The tactics shown in this movie have no reasonable justification I submit for what they are meant to achieve for any sane purposes I could give them credit for that made this movie genre as represented here. Strength has to be used by good men for good purposes and only sanely enough always I submit, instead of the examples shown in this movie of a supposed (enviable for some?) idea of "macho psyche"!

Michael Rizzo Chessman