Frankie and Johnny (moviesbyrizzo) Frankie and Johnny


There aren't enough movies of the best Leading men, our best male
genre offerings from Hollywood cast with nice enough mates, such as
actress Michelle Pfeiffer here. Neither Al Pacino nor Robert Deniro have been done any justice at all in this regard, by a mindset which mainly seethes with envy of their greatness in my own view of matters on the planet in this regard - and this includes hollywood all along I submit with care. The only comment I seem to have to make once again about a movie plot such as this one is a scene in particular where Al Pacino in all the brilliance there is to be found on the planet offers himself with all the love he can offer to Michael Pfeiffer's character while imploring her not to pass up a chance that may not come again in life for them. Incredulously, a gay man from across the hall walks in on the conversation and escorts Al Pacino out of the room (would you believe) in the middle of Al Pacino's great moment of sanity for both him and Michelle Pfeiffer, yet this interfering fella who comes in with the idea that he is "protecting" Michelle Pfeiifer from being "upset" is able to be scripted this way, in an obvious insult to the human spirit which is present in the room, in gross miscalculation of the outcome I say ultimately once the scene has been absorbed and fully digested. Time to end this nonsensical re-programming of human consciosness by a mindset set against a better spirit prevailing in this scene and on the planet i submit with care. Lucky the meddling "prick" didn't end up requiring "nursing care" for his stupid stunt eh fellas! Leave loving human folks alone to have a life eh, without godforsaken ideas of jealousy etc etc etc getting involved, I submit with care and admonishment as is in fact Christianly called upon for men of conscience to make all
aware in such matters as I see it now, after all too long a wait I figure.

Michael Rizzo Chessman