honesta nomina praetendebant (from the latin)
"they called what was lacking in merit to be worthier"

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Hitler on Trial (2011) (BBC)Prev title "The Man who crossed Hitler"

Plus optional Bonus 1080p clip in download  - preview of upcoming WWII Survivors  Documentary recounting the sentiments of a spirited man of Poland who tells us he suffered much at a concentration camp - he said he was aware of badness coming from some Germans who he thought bad, and yet he said he was also the beneficiary of German goodness from the people of Germany - Germans of spirit involved in the underground trying to help victims of Hitler's madness gone amok. He says he prayed to God to save him - and that if this were so, he would work for a reconciliation between the two neighboring countries of Poland and Germany - as that is he stated how things really should be once more for crissakes - normal between friends! (Freed of Hitler's brutality over Europe I should suppose is what would make it so now)

This is an interesting account of what are said to be events related to true life and Historical events. A Jewish lawyer based in Germany apparently takes to tear Hitler apart (in his own mind) as to whether he had really renounced violence sincerely, given the party's activities did not seem to say so.

He quotes to Hitler from Mein kampf and asks him to defend.

Hitler responds that the necessity of the situation facing Germany
in his view required the concession that they were in fact keeping on
the right side of complying with the letter of the law - but only until
the law could be re-written as he saw fit in order to accomplish his goals.

An attempt is made to portray the "brown shirts" (party members)
as pushy and intimidating sorts prone to violence as a way of life.
Bon. There may be truth to this to a good many perhaps - but those
who focus on this - whether men of Germany or their apparent
detractors fail to realize that the best of men we have ever seen -
those who have in fact clearly come from German ancestry as it
turns out - Paul Newman, Robert Redford Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson
and all the best of Australia/New Zealand etc - aren't men
lacking strength - not physical strength and most of all not strength
of character - in which regards many like myself see them more often
than not as the best we've got on the planet for crissakes. Nay, its not
a lack of decency, but rather the opposite and those men who are
swayed by Hitler and to Hitler himself I say no man has the right to
assert himself as superior for being brutally inane
as was the dogma he taught - but rather that they be strong men in
human terms - in the defence of that which is good - and if such men
in Germany are to stand up to defend themselves and our womenfolk
and children equally with their very lives, one can hardly blame them
in the least - the opposite would then apply and be true for crissakes.
For in my own view none deserve it more than the most merited and I
say to Hitler and those who have his mind even if seeming weak,
that you Sir have no idea of this as you are inane, completely and
utterly stupid in what is worth fighting for and defending as I believe you
stood against what is best of Germany throughout and as a curse
congenitally which clearly would have been in evidence at the
outset I should add.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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