Idi Amin
Documentary on Idi Amin
- Head of the east african nation of Uganda


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This documentary looks at the (notoriously known for incidents in his life of being engaged in cannibalistic indulgences involving rebellious Cabinet Ministers apparently) Head of East African country of Uganda - Field Marshall / General Idi Amin (he banned
anyone else from using the Title of President - (even for medical staff organizations Heads, Businesses - Companies, etc)

While he does feign quite a bit of seeming moments of polite discourse - even coming across as intelligent in his own way for moments  of displays as it were, the barbarism which he engaged with in what a cannibalistic mind would be processing underneath cannot escape curiosity as its the elephant in the room at all times when viewing the life of this World leader (in his own mind he thought Blacks should be encouraged to take over in America - and he even thought he could lead Europeans in what ideas he could offer
too it seems)

Having come from Tanzania, I found it offensive to the fans likely of President Julius Nyerere of that country to whom Idi Amin sent a telegram saying  he was so fond of him that "he'd marry him if he were a woman despite his aging grey hair). He also sent Queen Elizabeth a request to have the Scottish guard dispatched to aid him in providing security - go figure! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman