Ms. Kate Winslet (Little Children)  Little Children (2006)

Ms. Kate Winslet

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God bless Ms. Kate Winslet -
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The beautiful and most lovely Dearest Ms. Kate Winslet stars in this movie about couples getting together initially as neighbours and community members and those with children to care for, and turns into a movie with some steamy sex scenes, with beautiful shots indeed of Kate Winslet in any event. Thinking of a sex scene in particular around the 55min mark, what looks like perfunctory "to and fro" kowtows like endeavours engaged in the minds of the two engaged in sexual activity of sorts, I'd say what is missing is the element of real romance and sense of genuine care and decency of spirit towards Ms. Winslet's character. What she deserves instead is the best of men, I submit, with genuine virile manly character combined with generosity of spirit and love and affection and sense of guardianship over her being in a manner as to completely assure her complete protection from the elements and all which is alien to her greatest true spirit I say. Rather than a man who is just feigning instead with a different orientation on these ideas and matters it seems. In the absence of genuine merit it would appear, the character and spirit of the best of our gals, the entire stock in fact degenerates and becomes negatively oriented instead in all that concerns existential matters and affairs it would appear. its time we did better in giving these gals their due rather then tearing them down, and to do so by whatever means seeing to the best pairings no matter how far we have to go to see this through. Lovely sex images of Ms. Winslet - enjoy as as this topless shot taken around 1hr 16mins which left me breathless for a moment given her human spirit showing in such abundance for a change from what too often instead on our screens of feigning mindsets instead!

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