Mugabe and the White South Africans
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This PBS aired documentary speaks to the loss of rights by whites in Zimbabwe in particular whose farms and land has been confiscated and evictions enforced based on their being white and no longer desired according to their government. In this documentary, Then President Robert Mugabe makes the statement that he'd "like to be a Hitler ten times as much as the previous one was". The documentary deals as well with the case of a truly kindly presenting white farmer who takes his case to the International Courts having lost his farm after spending twenty years paying it off. He is tearful when the judgement is rendered. A lot of grief has been visited upon whites as shown in the media occasionally still in both Zimbabwe and South Africa by those wanting them now gone. This documentary sheds some light on the issues and feelings involved with respect to the land grab aspect in any event and the open hostility expressed by many blacks towards the idea of a continued presence of farmers who are of European descent remaining there as they feel "it is after all their land". I watched this documentary initially through a free on-line service provided through my local library ( and got this copy for you.

I would like to add that back in 1999 I had occasion to be put through several
interviews by the Toronto Police to clarify my comments made in retalliation
to the "slaughter" (words used by the newspaper here which printed the story)
of a (White) British family in Zimbabwe at the time. I explained that it was a
 reasonable enough way to resist any further such violence threatening such
family members on the planet as we see fit. I was completely overcome with grief
when I saw the story in the newspaper on the stand at the convenience store
I had stopped in at. In fact I had to sit down for a moment just to collect myself
and regain my sense of emotive well being once more.

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