Stander - White South Africa

Latin quote: An nescis quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?
"Do you realize with what little wisdom it is that the world is governed?"
(quote certainly applies at present in regards to this affair in any event
we believe)

Latin quote: Spes in virtute, salus ex victoria
"in valour there is hope - in victory springs safety "

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Stander (2003) S.A.

This movie from the era of White ruled South Africa is a tale of a Policeman 
turned bank robber for whatever reason. It cost him his beautiful wife 
and resulted in a spell in a mixed prison for a time. 

There is much to learn from this movie seeing the scenes of the demonstrations 
by mobs of blacks confronting the white-led South African police force at the time. 

A lot of beauty from that time is apparent in many scenes and it has to be said 
that much sadness settles in for the sensitive viewer at the thought of so much 
tragedy befalling many of the people given the loss of control and security 
all too often it would appear, in the new era. Some of the most beautiful people 
on the planet lived there and many still do, hoping to somehow still contribute 
and keep injustices from befalling them as they are still the greatest of people 
there who could easily make a new start elsewhere in Europe if it becomes a 
choice they can live with and do finally make. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman