The Good Wife - Australia 1987

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This is an interesting story wherein a nice brunette humanly warm gal from Australia (Rachel Ward - kinda really liked her) has a fling with her brother in law (a bit of a kid in fact, not really, through, quite a grown man in fact) after they both ask her husbands permission and he says ok if that's what she wants for a night it seems. I guess this gets her thinking about what she might be missing in her relationship with her husband - a nice chap all around, doesn't seem to emotively engaged while they are having sex, but he seems to love her I'd say. So she gets into an adventurous mood and allows Sam Neill (well known actor from the region - also in "A cry in the dark" starring Meryl Streep in that one) who it turns out doesn't seem to know how to let a woman down gently or with human sanity Id go so far as saying - for no other reason it seems, than he knows she's desperate for him, thinking he has a human core she might just bring to the surface to engage with in more fulfilling manner than she is with her husband I suppose. Fella playin her husband is also a popular Australian actor Bryan Brown - was in great Aussie movie "Breaker Morant" Anyway, all is well that ends well, she goes back to her husband after being thrown off the train (literally) and almost killed in the process by Sam Neill's character and we are left hoping things can be fixed as they were before or now even better hopefully. Its hardly a good idea to dump a good man for a jerk, it should be the other way around for those women who are in actual fact finding themselves in that sort of position, and a good many are feeling so every waking moment for some perhaps and only now and then I'd suppose for shure for others. Not much nudity this time around in this movie (a topless blonde gal Sam Neill has a fling with and whose husband shows up at the door with the Police), but a few sex scenes or of intimate encounters to get folks thinking about what is really going on in the minds of the actors I suggest.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman