Witness for the prosecution Witness for the prosecution  (1957)

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This is based on the work of Agatha Christie and is in my opinion perhaps her best work in fact. A great murder mystery with a suspenseful plot and very engaging characters. In the end, what we learn is that the man charged with murder has a bit of a problem with being kind to those who are good to him as he seems to return a bit of evil perhaps for the good he has received. His wife on the other hand (played by German actress Marlene Dietrich) proves she has a powerful capacity to show her love for those she is attached to along the way, and to do whatever she can to be of help. In the end however, she proves impetuous to the point of bringing on grave consequences for a moment of lashing out in brutal fashion - very unfortunate as she is in the main too nice a woman to lose on the stage for this sort of shortcoming. I believe she could improve in this regard as a literary character however I think the man in question is too unkind at the core from what we see of how he treats her finally. Enjoy this great classic which should be in everyone's library for a lifetime (along with the other such classics we have posted for you here such as Casablanca, Rope Rear Window, Judgment at Nuremberg, Victor Victoria The Long Good Friday (Bob Hoskins with Helen Mirren)

Michael Rizzo Chessman