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This is a documentary produced by a (brunette woman) Norwegian
resident of Turkish descent who aspires to notions of political
correctness such as the elimination of racial boundaries in sexual
expression (the emancipation of her mind towards the appeal of
black men in particular for example as it is depicted conspicuously
several times in the clearest message from her mindset in this regard as I therefore discern, including the depiction of "Adam and Eve - with Adam being the pick of an African man as depicted"

She is also concerned with the idea that women shouldn't be required to "cover up" anymore than men - so ideas based in humanism and in her own view on such matters - feminism concerns too certainly. Its incredible that she is responded to by an extremist (as "saudi arabian predominant" "Salafist" oriented viewpoints are often considered by other moslem goups, especially where sharia based extremist implementation is rejected for humanism ideas instead of what is fair enough justice in this day and age now finally perhaps), the religious mullah tries to convince this woman from Turkey that he has wisdom she cannot adequately arrive at without his insights as "a man". he says that as a man he feels attraction of a sexual nature for women who are "unveiled with their body parts and hair showing" and he says such feelings of desire may just lead to rape. When she responds to say that a "good man" wouldn't have such thoughts he says she is naive and that he simply if offering her his real honesty in the situation.

There is much discussion around the koran verse prescribing the
beating of women for the crime of "disobedience to husbands"
with one Islamic religious leader from turkey suggesting that perhaps they should just change the meaning of the word "beat" in order to escape criticism and even such moral idea of direction from the koran on this subject.

There's also the thought that allowing women less rights of inheritance than men as Islam does, or even the lack of action in such cases as "finding a woman in bed with another man" where one man says he would have considered some men driven to kill, but are restrained by the different notions of how much evidence would be required with regards to the number of exact available number of witnesses to the adultery in question.

It is obvious that many moslems are no doubt conflicted in being left behind in such schools of thought as humanism, the perceived
advantages of feminism for those so inclined and finally political
correct standards now that so many find themselves drawn to this
to come out on what ideas of sexual preference they'd rather be on
board with given the permissiveness now allowed in some ideas
previously considered non compus even as it were perhaps without
a doubt.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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