Latin quote: Sic vive cum hominibus tanquam deus videat, et videt (Seneca)
"So live with men as if god saw you - and he does see you!!!!!"

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A clockwork orange  (1971) - based on the novel
stanley kubrick

There are two main schools of thought in what is prevailing wisdom within the
circles of the Psychiatric profession. The "cognitive humanistic approach"
believes in the use of rational methods to bring about an engagement in the
mind so as to see a better perspective prevail in the minds of those involved. 
It requires of course correct engagement on those aspects of reason and emotion
so as to bring true wisdom to bear. Cognitive engagement with issues of
punishments and rewards that flow normally in what choices are made in human
affairs would be "par for the course" as it were, and required too certainly.
That goes without saying I suppose. In this model, punishments would have to be
seen as only sane, however - in what a reasonable such person would fathom as
such and completely so I suggest.

On the other hand, behaviorism is a belief in the use of only punishments
mainly that reason is engaged - and the absence of punishment is considered
a reward  obviously - in addition to other incentive use of tokens perhaps, 
as a belief in control through such a regime is all that is the basis for the
employment of such tactics. The difference between this approach and
the (previously mentioned) modern school of "cognitive humanistic therapies"
is mainly in regards to the view as to whether man is a rational being a being
with a conscience potentially engaged therefore, or simply more animalistic 
sort of a being which is therefore controlled by external restraints mainly -
and based invariably on what are "survival instincts" alone. In the
case of the latter, some advocate that only the most severe forms of 
punishments can be used for human management as it were as they regard 
men as actually devoid of conscience in the absence of oppressive controls.
Many practice behaviorism strategies without regard to rational engagement
in a bid to make man simply responsive to control and without regard
to having valid ends for this idea of control - including as to whether
a still sane man is to be the end result of surviving such treatment.
As a result, this approach has long been discredited by modern schools
of alternative thought in the mental health profession and Western society
in general.

In this movie, we get a look at "aversion therapy", aimed to reduce
the pleasure from sadistic acts that a freak mind might otherwise 
engage in. We see depicted, what is brutal Rape and other sadistic acts
such as senseless murder in what is a display of freak like enjoyment of
such crimes. "Perhaps this therapy could work" we are told only I
think in abstract theoretical terms to generate discussion.

In actual fact, it is my own view that "capital punishment" (the death penalty)
is the only alternative that is truly sane and practical as no being that abstains
from sadistic criminality based only on fear of punishment is a being that is
worth sustaining in our midst. To want to commit the crime is evil enough and that
threat is more than those innocent members of society should have to endure. 

You cannot control through artificial means as a freak outcome
is all you will persist in sustaining at a cost to our sanity which
is too high to bear.

Michael Rizzo Chessman


Sic cogitandum est tanquam aliquis in pectus intimum inspicere posit (Seneca)
"A man should so think that anyone might be able to look into his innermost heart"