A cry in the dark A cry in the dark (1988)

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Meryl Streep gives a stunning performance as a gal of Australia (which she no doubt is equally too I say), and this earned dear Meryl an Oscar nomination for best actress for this movie role she carried so well I say! Accused of killing her own 10 week old baby in some cult related sacrifice, she fights hard to clear herself along with the many experts convened to examine the evidence, although they are capricious as to her guilt or in fact innocence throughout the movie. Sam Neill plays her supportive husband throughout I figure. The only comment I have about this movie set in the great land of Australia where many best Brits ended up in my own estimation, is that during the movie, we see a fella in one scene watching Meryl Streep's character on TV and in response to what is going on in her responding pattern to her questioners this fella says, "If she's lying about one thing, it would mean she may be lying about everything, in which case she's guilty". Seems like a bit of a cynical approach to me, some folks feign or even outright may lie when under duress and fear for their lives, without meaning to be evil or be guilty of a bigger crime they might be charged with. As such I say we throw out such wisdom as this fella espouses, even though he may be right now and then along the way, as I say we should treat each fact of the matter for what its worth rather than "killing her off' in his mind on the matter, for not "kowtowing to his own mindset completely" in perhaps holding something back in an instance as this, innocent as we  know her type to be ultimately in such regards generally too.

Michael Rizzo Chessman