A dry white season  A dry white season  (1989)

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Movie stars Canadian actor Donald Sutherland as a white sympathizer to the Blacks in white ruled South Africa era. An Oscar nominated movie for acting (Marlon Brando) The nicest folks I've met on this planet are without a doubt my dear "brother" (as I see him unreservedly) Italian Cafe Owner in Toronto "Clement" (of Italian ancestry I believe sincerely despite being brought here from Albania) and his dear lovely wife Anila who seems Irish to me (shes Germanic French like stock along with Italian idealistic brilliance I should say) who Clement met in high school in their previous land. Other than that, the folks who have my great regard and admiration are the Dutch from south Africa and the best of the British - folks from Australia who have human beauty radiating to shine on the planet I believe without a doubt. Who comes to mind is Dr Simpson in Toronto, a New Zealander at heart and where he belongs I think back, as Canada isn't a good enough place for folks of his genuine decency to continue to exist given the "open borders" mindset of Trudeau, a third class individual in my own view in matters with respect to fairness of resource allocation, appointments and resource allocation ultimately on the planet I fear. This movie is set in white ruled South Africa and contains a bit of propaganda in casting the whites as inferior to rule over blacks rather than the other way around. So much for ideas of merit - witness the recent brutal murders and physical tortures against white farmers there along with reports of cannibalistic attacks even, as described by a White south African MP in a speech in parliament recently which we have posted at our website for you - through youtube embed of a Newsreport from a white centered News outlet still there.

Thanks for showing your support by way of donations and Visa resettlement offers to the greatest folks there to right sort of areas they can feel truly deserve their presence given what supreme human beauty remains there, vulnerable at the present time it would appear

Michael Rizzo Chessman

Leader at eurocoalition.org