A French village (TV series)

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French village

This series based in wartime (WWII) France looks at the entire ugly phenomenon of "collaboration with the enemy" at a time of clear and present danger to the best of peoples who were instead extant in France, and throughout Europe, including Russia who as we all know finally did defeat the Nazis, although help at long last was found to be forthcoming from the Americans particularly as they had decided to join in the effort against this menace of the times having been ruthlessly targeted at Pearl Harbour by an emboldened Japanese Emperor having been found worthy to be "partner" to Hitlers Nazis with whom they entered into a bond formally would you believe. Its contrasted with a look at those brave souls who instead join the resistance movement to safeguard an existence free of tyranny and evil from Nazi values and insanity of existential ideas - mainly involved with killing with no rhyme or reason till there's nothing left, designating all as inferiors and name calling others as "potential enemies or aggressors" to this mindset back then equally too no doubt. Evil will always be insecure on our planet as a result even more no doubt as we move into a future filled with promise for decent souls instead of what this mindset  would have sought to marry to along the way in its bid to destroy more valid humanist sanity instead.

Michael Rizzo Chessman