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Nostra nos sine comparatione delectant; nunquam erit
felix quem torquebit felicior

"He will never be happy who hates to see others happy
with what they more deservedly have instead"
stranger among us (1992)

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This is a movie I spent much of the time in excruciating sorta pain if
you will in seeing our dearest soul on the planet so miscast in a role
as it includes some scriptwriter/movie producers idea of a fantasy of
placing her in the clearest wrong mentality clash of reverse
orientations in involving emotions and cognitive ideas of engagement
and values in conflict throughout with her supposed "partner of
seeming interest" from an orthodox religiously severely expressing
mindset to her own by relative comparison - absolutely without doubt,
of (in this case) a Jewish scholar in the community she is asked to
investigate by her  department as a Police officer - no less.

A fella on the force calling himself Levine comes on strong but she
rejects him out of hand although he seems genuinely sincere in
hoping to show some real love he no doubt feels in strong terms real
for her. The scriptwriters don't want this 2 week holiday for the two of
them he is proposing in Aruba to succeed, let alone get off the
ground. Simply arrogant and incompetent at the pen, that's all I can
say of the whole bloody script as a result.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman