a United kingdom

A United kingdom (2016)

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This movie takes a serious look at race miscegenation with a view to amalgamating white viewed individuals with members of the black  race because it has turned out as all are becoming aware that certain
elements of racial strains who are mainly white presenting as the evidence is clear all around in all we see and hear and read in what is allowed in the media of this "coming out" in such droves and masses as to be
un-parralled in all history of mankind, leaving such women in the lurch seeming with nowhere to turn seeming, in their seeming view as a race and culture on such matters we find, in what has evolved to become
the nature of the problem in what seem to be the only allowable or encouraged option given therefore the brand of PC culture as its practiced in such circles seeming and in fact with the cat being let out of the bag as it were in the choice of words we find used in this
tell-all scripting as it were.

Specifically, in a scene towards the end of the movie, Rosamund Pike along with a British diplomat chap (spoiler alert) are engaged in discussion with her "Black King" husband of a black country under British
rule. In a giveaway seeming moment, picking up on what the exchange is leading up to, Ms. Pike asks the gentleman from the UK - or suggests rather seeming "I think you need my husband (too) in this affair" (seeming
more or less) - to which the African character who plays the King suddenly beamingly offers the party the suggestion of a "Sherry" delight perhaps.
Wow! That says it all as to where and why all we see happening on this planet which such mindsets in seeming control has been seemingly inexorably proceeding to the idea of benefit for such thinking types and at the expense of their fellow countrymen (such as on the continent
elsewhere in the main who would stand out in contrast then, wherever) as it appears to be a game of survival of one camp or the other as the loyalties are not anymore what they seemed they should be, had all
been normal, rather than reverse oriented in such matters of a "raison d'etre" as all ideas of familiarity of connection based on kinship race, culture, historical roots based thereupon, sense of basic loyalty to ones
own as one has always seen that concept as having normality in the basic most thinking of all creatures concerned with their own survival even, let alone merit which the most conscionable must adhere to in
this process too fer crissakes - all that is out the window as proverbially as chucking the baby with the bathwater as it were as nothing would remain of anything one could count on otherwise, in any such
development as we find in such regards as all having been just described as in the preceding thoughts.

Michael Rizzo Chessman