Air force One

Air force One

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This is one of the greatest action/ thrillers made in recent
memory. Stars Harrison Ford as handsome hero, President of the United States fighting a nuclear menace in the former soviet republics whose forces have taken to hostage taking above "Air Force One" the US Presidential airplane. This is one additional true breed of a man of real spiritual integrity and idealism that is rare indeed in sometimes all too many places around.

Because of his great humanistic sense, I doubt he would in real life give in to the terrorists in order to save his daughter at one point, while jeopardizing the security of the planet as would certainly be the case no doubt to allow ambitious and ruthless personalities in various volatile regions on the planet.  I think he would have made them see sense and back-off on killing her I'm sure.

enjoy this truly great movie with this greatest heroic actor as all can see

Michael Rizzo Chessman