alone in Berlin
Alone in Berlin

(Emma Thompson)

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This movie deals with the travesty of implementing Hitlers doctrines which saw a man who could be brutal without sanity (Such as the SS Kommandant depicted in this movie along with the equally sly so-called "Policeman" underling of his of the town) was in fact "superior" to those he put down instead such as in France or Poland where men of real heart who gave care and genuine love to their women and children were somehow "inferior stock" That is malarkey as anyone with better sense could see and without the need of a world war for crissakes to bring to cognizance I submit. It does take strong men of good heart and decency to make the best we can be as men, however if you focus just on brute force you'll miss the boat chaps! Its all in the heart ultimately and the genuine moral sanity and sense of chivalry which comes from within when you are made right in all regards to the qualities I mention as together being superior to the stuff which Hitler chose to suck up to as a fundamentally stupid imbecilic creature witch he was ultimately. He could instead have used many many men from Holland of real Dutch origin as actually truly superior to what he was advocating for instead along with the likes of Paul Newman of Germany ultimately or Michael Gambon of France or I submit most of all to my own liking Robert De Niro of Italian (with some Irish/Dutch) manhood and decency who would have found Hitlers morality unfathomable to his own sense of sanity and being.

Michael Rizzo Chessman