Along for the ride (2001) Ms. Melanie Griffith

ei mihi, quod nullīs amor est sanabilis herbī
"Woe is me, because love is curable by no herbs"

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While many might choose to get their hands on this movie for the unforgettable moment with Melanie in her birthday best diving off for a swim in the nude, the fact is that any movie by our dearest gal will always be with seeing to stay with her career and see how she is doing in a personal sense. Melanie Griffith nourishes the soul in the way very few actors have achieved, she has lovely overflowing warmth and emotive humanly beauty which serves as a model and example to all of what real greatness of this spirit is truly about. A deliciously lovely offering, despite a shallow script that wasn't really meant to do her justice.

Michael Rizzo Chessman