And Justice for all (Al Pacino)

And justice for all (1979) Mr. Al Pacino
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This movie Stars the very popular Mr. Al Pacino is perhaps one of the
greatest performances of his career - for which he earned an Oscar
nomination for best Actor! The other such great performance which
should be mentioned is his certainly greatest role I would say in
"Glengarry Glen Ross"  (along with "The Godfather" series too of

The questions raised in this movie today is "What is true justice?" and
how is it achieved in a land bent on making deals along the way for no
doubt all too often undeserving defendants, while throwing the book
at others all too often equally perhaps seeming with little regard
to merit, it would appear.

The true strength of Al Pacino's character which comes through is
the greatest sense of normal human sanity and naturally present
Christianly bent inner sense of decency, virtue and goodness
embodied in his sense of idealism which he is endowed with - here he is
set against the evil character played by John Forsythe who carries
the role quite convincingly too as antagonist in this case.

Enjoy the great acting of the greatest actor of all time - Mr. Al Pacino

Michael Rizzo Chessman