Argo (2012) Iranian Hostage Drama

Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning
between them..."

Argo (2012) (Iran Hostage Drama)
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The revolution in Iran was meant to replace the reputed tyranny
of the Shah (who spent on himself and his wife to excess while many
Iranians were poor) with a theocracy meant to restore sanity to
the peoples there wanting to be free additionally of their rulers
who were installed by Western powers to ensure control over
the economy and in particular the oil wealth there.

Iranians must come to realize I would suggest that they are for
the most part born with a decency I admire of such great human
spirit, kindliness and a gentleness of character and spirit in all
my experiences with them and when looking within and considering
their influences around where I grew up initially that I would
suggest they bear in mind that this endowment of spirit is there
because of their legacy as greatest human beings on the planet
potentially - so many of them. It did not come about from being
oppressive to their own with excessive religious zeal and religious
bigotry and intolerance of the humanity that needs to be fostered
and to thrive instead free of being made to kowtow too much to
anti-western sentiments of venting to extreme or with the
suppression of the normal spirit of humanity in favour of cruel
measures to enforce religious doctrines that are suspect of being
of an evil nature against their own spirit when it comes to
hangings, reputed acts of torture even as is claimed by the
narrator at the beginning of this movie documentary in reference
to the known activities of the Ayatollah's regime equally to the
Shah it would seem - or even worse to the minds of western
observers - who mean well - many many of them - who should not
be seen as enemies in order to feel justified in extremism. Iran
 must instead moderate, free up its institutions to real democratic
and humanistically polite attitudes towards normal human
development and even sexuality in modest idealistic terms rather
than inane ideas of its artificial suppression. Romantic idealistic people such as are all genuinely decent folks as are found there
are already sensible in how to act in matters of decorum taste and sexual responsibility. A state of draconian oppression of the spirit only degenerates the spirit and causes grief to the soul and kill off the stock over time - centuries perhaps - if this trend is not arrested and immediately reversed in ts trend and effects already poised to be felt - potentially with irreversible effect if delayed too long for all on the planet facing this condition in our midst.

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