au revoir les enfants 

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This movie, set in WWII is about Jewish children who take refuge
at a French Boarding school where they are shielded from the
Nazis for a while.

The work of award winning noted Director/Writer Monsieur Louis Malle (of "My Dinner with Andre" fame) this movie is nice for the perspective it  brings in that we see folks that might be targeted by bigots like the  Nazis were, who may often be better presenting than their persecutors  in what is humanly of merit at least on the surface and certainly quite  often enough in what lies beneath additionally.

It is nice to see the French tell the tale as they are in my own view
validly well respected in regards to matters of human understanding  and therefore wisdom in this regard and were valiant too in resisting  the Nazi movement I might add which didn't appear to discriminate  between good and evil on the earth in any real sense ultimately, but  rather chose to pick on many in Europe that were mostly often better  folks than those who were set upon them by the writings of Hitler - who was clearly a madman even if you just consider the  number of good German men that died in his suicide missions, many  of whom may have wanted nothing to do with indiscriminate killing  which Hitler was made for by a freak of nature I believe and so goes  for those like him on the earth at the present time i might add .

Michael Rizzo Chessman