Babettes feast

"Babettes feast" - 1987
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on the net where we have long had a 1080p version posted for
 you - despite parts of the dialogue and actors being swedish, the
studios could afford to replace euro language subtitles with exotic
languages instead (relatively speaking) on movies such as "Sense
and sensibility" (Emma Thompson version) but were too darned
insensitive apparently to spend a couple of quick dollars to have
swedish subtitles on the disc for the French and Danish language
portions would you believe! They're at the meal being offered by
 Frenchwoman Babette in this set in Denmark movie too for crissakes!

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Babettes Feast (which I saw at a theater in Edmonton catering to the
best movies from Europe some years ago now) is about a French
woman displaying the sort of generosity of Spirit that the French are
certainly well known for if not as the best example of, and the rest of
the family that have the desire can only follow along I suppose -
although many in the rest of the family will be hard to outdo equally
from areas such as Italy Spain Sweden Germany  etc where this same
sort of generous community minded spirit shows itself from time to
time among kin and community at large too of course.


Michael Rizzo Chessman