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Дылда Beanpole (2019) (Dylda)

Russia has remained a vibrant source of humanism in what has
survived of the great human spirit of its peoples, even especially
amongst the blonde spirit of the womenfolk there. So much so I
replaced the erratic sounds of music at the end credits section
with a converted FLAC version of James Lasts musical number
"Woman of Ireland" and then briefly "Bridge over troubled water"

Even the Army doctor shows his great human spirit by giving an
extra food ration allowance to the nurse who is a blonde spirit
survivor he understands to need more nourishment for her fragile
spirit and for her loved one (hew son at that point - as she is alone
it would appear in the story, although she seems to take on a
lesbian lover it seems, after some misgivings about the affair

Here's to a greatest peoples who enjoy their vodka and have this
great reason to live and god willing, thrive more with that is their
god given endowment of the human spirit - so greatly vibrant as
a best peoples of Europe "equally" to any other it would appear at
this point in surveying the scene in this regards.

Michael Rizzo Chessman