Betyated 2020  Den Stoerste Forbrytelsen (Betrayed) (Norway- 2020) 


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This very sad movie out of Norway, shows the Norwegians as being
indistinguishable at times as to who you would call a "jew" from any manner of appearance, dialogue content, sense of sanity, spirit, loyalty to the Norwegian way of life - sense of family connection or sense of care to ones own or the broader community too in addition.

In the end it would appear that it was all of humanity who suffered
from Hitler's own "loyal" Henchmen's ideas of asserting themselves
as some sort of monstrous idea of "seeming superior" for no other
reason than an irrational hatred , cruelty of mind and purpose,
born out of the opposite of any real idea of superiority - but its
opposite mind showing its capacity for being a menace instead, as clearly depicted in a grossly disturbing, cruelly disfiguring scene in this movie when a soldier born too of Hitler's mindset ideas
 grabs with some idea of freak minded thrill, at a woman in a car
 with her children, in a bid to separate her from her very supremely  spirited lovely "Aryan" equally to any, seeming children who are  shown - probably as beautiful a little gal in particular, as would  be in all Norway, or all Europe and so even the whole planet -  intended as I say to completely destroy the mind of the child, drove  the woman insane with a stupid idea of a thrill obviously showing "prima facie" with no doubt - that this freak sadism has no place among men of any sort of decency - let alone amongst those guarding the flock - or ruling with their stupidity of the level of an obvious freak - as that scene can never otherwise be explained - it is a freak monster "out looking for its own idea of a thrill" Clearly a woman hating misogynist at play, and a human child predator mindset too. A similar mind is depicted in a grossly disturbing scene in "The Collini Case" (We have an ENG-ITA version posted for you here if you need to see more)

"Never again!!!" I say. Amen to that, if you will, folks

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo uploads)