"Between Fences" - an Israeli made Documentary on Black migration into the country (kanopy.com posting)

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This is yet another documentary previewed at kanopy.com recently which shows a group of black detainees doing some role playing in discussion with their interviewer - an Israeli filmmaker along with some Jewish women who are from Israel in fact. We hadn't thought it wise to give away a 1080p on this one as perhaps a single definition file size would do the job adequately given the images are mainly and conversation depicted aren't earth shattering in any regard and lack any appeal for a huge screen viewing by any I would think other than those most touched by the situation personally in some respect - being from Israel for example. The action shown is mainly in some warehouse it seems. Anyway, the most interesting part of the video for me was the disclosure that Israel apparently offers a handsome amount of money to blacks from Eritrea and Ethiopia etc to return home - and this no doubt is encouraging the migrants from such areas to come to Israel despite their unwelcome reception there otherwise it seems. As much as $3500 each even?! Didn't realize Israel had that much to spare!

Please share your download as we are hoping to do this despite having budgeted for the launch of a smaller file size of this video
as the scenes are mainly shot in lack-lustre surroundings with makeshift dialogue - yet the plight of refugees in Israel does normally warrant some press I should say - so here is this particular video on the subject generally speaking.

Michael Rizzo Chessman (moviesbyrizzo documentary upload)

I initially viewed this documentary on-line at kanopy.com - a free service to Public library Card holders in many areas all around