Blck Cop (2017)

Black cop (2017)  

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This movie looks at a renegade black policeman who having had too many messages into his brain of his own community being assailed by a white community seeming never to be able to fit in - described himself as violent seeming aggressive when stopped by a white officer when in plain clothes and seeming unable to co-operate with white authority in a mutually acceptable manner befitting the expectations of a fellow officer as would be expected certainly as par for the course in same manner if you will.

The result is that he turns renegade after being called a traitor by a group of blacks protesting in favour of the (violent and with terrorism in their track record according to a Senate speech recently by Senator Ted Cruz pointing out that major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon founders etc actually give monies into
these activities of the BLM movement) Senator Cruz goes on to say that considering even the fact that BLM has been known to call for the boycott of white businesses, he cant understand why such household name companies would support the BLM with funds - self defeating - isn't it - he suggests) - this renegade black cop in the movie goes on a rampage to assault and harass whites in what he says at the end is something he would do all over just the same- as he is incorrigible in what drives him into this mind with all the current conflict that is race based and polarizing and hasn't gotten any better with time as the minority black segment of the population struggles with white majorities everywhere they strive to be in what is unprecedented growth particularly stateside for the black segment there.

It does suggest in addition that the community leaders and media bear responsibility for much of the inner turmoil with messages of incitement on both sides, many white seeming folks supporting the black lives movement too as Senator Cruz seems befuddled
about as he says. and with good reason one would say certainly, and there's even a call from a viewer to a radio station in the movie where an incompetent member of the public tries seemingly to fit in with authority mindedness in the community, seeming to validate police violence without completely knowing what the facts are - and seeming instead to be plain irresponsible in what facts she does seem to have garnered about the incident
she is calling about.

Michael rizzo Chessman