Borgen (2015) (Denmark)

Borgen   (2015) - Series made for television (Denmark)
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This is an interesting Television Series featuring Political Drama within the European cultural environment as 
it exists in aspects of Danish society as seen through the lens of scriptwriters who have their own view in this 

I do love the warm human spirit in particular showing by the blonde gal of beautiful spirit who picture shows above. 
Now that's Denmark's finest as I have always believed in all Ive seen and heard (btw also went to school with a boy 
from Denmark when I was a youngster in British boarding school) and he was a nice enuf chap it seemed to me back 
then fer shure! 

I have to wonder at some of the script writing in this modern age as a man who is chosen to play "lover" to the 
Danish Prime Minister (played by a woman) says something about especially being turned on by her "arse" 
during election time. Now that may seem like ordinary talk to some in some parts of the planet possibly elsewhere 
too perhaps - however it does seem dissonant to what we are used to as consumers of mainly British literature 
of the old fashioned variety and lovely shows such as "Wallander" (Sweden) which we have just posted here for you 
equally to show off a warm humanism that should be held up to all in sincere ideas of caring for one another in 
merited fashion and style of relating and practicing ideas of "eloquence" for the "masses" who view television broadcasts 
around the planet too with the reach of the Internet as we are proving with this upload for you here tody.  

Michael Rizzo Chessman