Brand Irish 2

"Brand Irish" - 2015 Documentary on the state of the Irish spirit around Ireland it would mainly seem

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This interesting documentary off sorts related to the dear folks who are in Ireland discusses some of the history and the situation around Ireland mainly and related countries including the USA (boasts 34 million Irish immigrants who make it what it is ultimately too at the core in fact) Australia (NZ too by implication - beautiful genuine spirit there especially showing in true merited style along the way, too much insanity from police as of late
to our own irish spiritd folks all around there especially - watch clips on youtube - bizarre!!)

There is a bit of Irony in showing off a woman from Ireland who ignoring the desperate plight of our own dear Irish kids badly housed at times in Orphanages where care has been of questionable caliber (See our movie posted here - "Song for a Raggy Boy" - made with the good graces of the Irish film Board with help from Spain. She chooses instead to invest in Vietnam children schooling including uniforms, supplies, lunches etc, while pandering a bit additionally I hate dearly to have to add in saying - but she tells the kids there "don't give out so many hugs - unless you really really wanna". (The kids there are all close knit  in this video and love one another in overflowing manner and seem to hug a lot) - Gee I dint think that traditional wisdom the Irish would have one of their own export - perhaps she was just speaking for herself in what her own wishes in the situation at this point of her development as a person on the planet - speaking of which a spokesperson for the Irish touts the benefits of forgetting about Ireland as a "state" and get in instead on globally minded sets of appeals instead - that's horrid advice for those who want to save Ireland - and especially Sweden Germany France etc (where the Irish spirit reigns even more supreme I have found personally - giving this as added proof and considering the sentiments being expressed throughout the video) l

It is that kind of rhetoric which as led to the disastrous "migrant invasion" where no pick and choose has been allowed to maintain the integrity of the best Irish folks elsewhere additionally I submit! I emailed a German MEP to say so and to suggest Germany come first rather than give in to such wisdom as expressed above - and eventually found her unwanting to hear more - she sent all my correspondence to their Washington embassy to have dealt with before being turned over to Canadian authorities! They just told me to delete her from my emails - I would done that instantly earlier at the time too had she ever hinted she wanted it so - cest la vie!
Mata Hari eh! Jut teasin I assure you Anyway her husband was apparently at the time practicing law in Ireland - so there! I guess I just don't have sanity sometimes - I'm just too nice to compromise in my beliefs in being good about sharing in Christian manner.

I do love the Irish spirit - and its what I live to promote - but its German women who have given me the truest sense of this (along with related such spirits around Europe) and I will remain loyal to their fate on the planet in best form and health they could have - to my last breath - along with my brothers n Italy/Spain I must add especially - and all good such minded men - ultimately everywhere in actual reality 

Michael Rizzo Chessman

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