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Brat (Brother) (1997) (Russian production)

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The people of Russia have some great human beauty especially in the blonde
spirited women who have survived the communism model relatively unscathed
I'm sure and with men who can outdo the Bush regime mindset in regards to
humanly warm engagement any time at all I say and always will be the case
absolutely no doubt!

This is a story of a Russian army soldier who leaves the service only to find himself
embroiled in conflicts which require a shotgun and revolver along the way, with
shootouts along the way as he gets involved with unsavory types by comparison
in trying to stay afloat.

Too bad he wasn't scripted with a nice girlfriend type along the way - seems like
a nice fella all the way.

Here's to our future with Russia leading the way rather than Bush and with nuclear
ambitions put aside all over the planet as we become safe among friends for the
duration of our sojourn on this earth who have survived intact in our spirit that is,
insofar as being able to truly give a hug of merited worth of relative sense.,

Thanks for seeding
Michael rizzo Chessman