French quote:
La raison du plus fort est toujuours la meilleure

"The reasoning of the strongest is generally seen by some
as generally seeming always the the wiser"

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Bugsy (1991) Warren Beatty, Anette Benning

A nice movie offering starring the great Mr. Warren Beatty (The genius behind the monumental movie achievement, co-starring Diane Keaton - Reds, 1981)

The story of mobster 
leader Bugsy Malone, who apparently founded Las Vegas. Also co-stars Ben Kingsley. A nice change for variety purposes as it were from the usual best known of the mob flicks. Speaking of which, I should also mention "The long good friday" starring Bob Hoskins along with Helen Mirren, an IRA
related mob flick set in lonon etc  which is NOT to be missed

Michael Rizzo Chessman