Ms. Marilyn Monroe - Bus Stop 

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This is no doubt a bit of a "silly" movie to want to waste the talents
of a beautiful Princess like Ms. Marilyn Monroe, however there are some
interesting points to the film.

Don Murray. who plays a cowboy ranch owner tells his buddy that he is seeking
"an angel" of a woman for himself, and that women should be considered similar
to some farm animals, he says, in that they need to have their spirit reined
in and subdued for the sake of men like himself. He also says that if women
give him "any trouble" he thinks it right to simply "pin their wings to the floor"
(So much cor such thinking in this regard anymore - I doubt Don Murray could sell
that advice today even if its how some choose to operate even now perhaps)

The Spirit of Marilyn Monroe is too special to be preached to by Don Murray's
character who quotes to her from the "American constitution" that "all men are...
(supposedly) "...created equal" If that were true we'd all be married to Marilyn Monroe
as that is who every gal would be in truth. Well, perhaps in some ideal
sort of utopian world we might just make future all we'd have are merited men,
and a billion Marilyn Monroe's to keep them happy, even if many of these gals choose
to work in bars like the gal in this movie doing what she chooses to do for them.
we can only hope I suppose - we'll see!

Some beautiful mp3 from the likes of Mr Bing Crosby Mr Dean Martin Ms Peggy Lee
and some others, included in a musical tribute to Marilyn Monroe folder.

Seed kindly if you please - with thanks indeed

Michael Rizzo Chessman