Acclinis falsis animus meliora recusat
"A mind so inclined to preach that which is false, undoubtedly rejects saner
choices in so doing"

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Carrington (1995) - starring Ms. Emma Thompson

This movie has some rather ravishing sex scenes involving our Dear
Ms. Emma Thompson  - so its not to be missed on that account alone,
I suppose.

That said, its not a brilliant idea in its concept of equal liberty as it
were to the pleasures of the spirit and flesh.

We have had various examples of going too far in suggesting or
 proposing or positing other notions for what are old fashioned values  of traditional family and loyalties thereto related.

In a nutshell, Ms Thompson's character as scripted (as bizarre as this is) is telling us that its not the handsome young gallant Germanic British  soldier in officers uniform that is her thrill. Instead, its a Rasputin like  figure of an old long-bearded homosexual man with a voice too  many octaves too strained to sound like he would have real integrity  in pursuing the affair - given her own honest needs that is. This, she  says is her thrill - in fact "she doesn't want to carry a child - unless its his - otherwise she wants it not to be born" - she loves this Rasputin like  man she says - because in her own words - "he is cold and wise"

Who wants cold?!!!!!!!!!! (weird!) Keep the advice to yourself my dear!
Furthermore Dear Emma, the words "cold" and "wise" are mutually
 exclusive as a way of life option I submit in the strongest possible
 terms of what is Christianly endeavour - hoping for better choices
for all in what spirit we strive to maintain in our lives for as long as we choose to live on.

Michael Rizzo Chessman