Casablanca (1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman

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Casablanca is one of the greatest movies ever made. it is a tale of chivalry. the ability of a man to sacrifice what might have been his own happiness potentially, for the happiness of the woman he loves, together with the man she prefers to be with in actuality. A lovely movie that should be in every library,  The lovely song "as time goes by" has become a classic favorite from this great period of movie making history. 

This great classic movie of all time, looks at this code of chivalry which is supposed to
exist between men and women and is slowly becoming a thing of the past in the minds
of all too many in today's genre of thinking equally on these matters I fear to say here.

A great wartime story, Humphrey Bogart thinks he has been jilted by his girlfriend of a
period of time played by the beautiful Ms. Ingrid Bergman. When he leaves Paris for
Casablanca and later runs into her again at his Cafe, he is unforgiving of the fact that
she left without explanation at the time they lost contact in France, and demands to know
if "she does this habitually?' suggesting she lacks virtue even, as he asks "were there others
in-between or aren't you the type that tells?" This is unacceptable behaviour in my own view, he is treating her with disgust and with a sense of moral indignation of dubious validity no doubt - as it turned out that she had left him to rejoin her husband - a war hero of the resistance movement, who she had previously feared dead, but was indeed alive.

Nonetheless, Bogart fails to give up on his bad feelings for having been disappointed, and refuses to help Ilsa (Bergman) and her husband escape from the Nazis by giving them the transit visas he had in his possession from a stroke of luck - providence as it turns out, because in the end, he does give them up, but only after Ilsa feels forced to offer herself to him in exchange for seeing her husband get away alone instead.

Oh well, all's well that end well I suppose. next time they script a movie like
this one I hope it will be with a star who is willing to give a woman as good a break as she has given him by grating him friendship and even intimacy for the time she had - as chivalry asks of him and asks of us all men that are good and decent

I think so anyway.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman