Cause celebre 1  cause Celebre  (1989)

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This is a murder trial set movie with our dear Ms. Helen Mirren cast in a role that is i do envy the young mans luck with her at the age of 18 supposedly - I would 'have given her much better of an idea of romance at that age myself I submit) as being in a loveless or in anyway sexless marriage becomes so involved with a young manservant that she supposedly would have given her life for him by
claiming responsibility for the murder of her husband which had been instead entirely the work of this young fella, who in the parlance of the trade might be referred to as a "prick' in the manner and style of his constant whining outbursts to her seeming not just immature, but inane at the task of seeming reasonable enuf a sort to engage with, not to mention that he likes grabbing her by the neck for a quick throttle to assure his own idea of manhood which is shallow and superficial ultimately we find. not a good ending despite some luck
for her (thanks be to god) at the trial at the Old Bailey for them both, where David Suchet (of Agatha Christie's Poirot fame) handles the task of being her barrister with better common sense at times than is shown in the Judge and Prosecutors in wanting the woman condemned to death as a woman of no conscience as they cannot seem to grasp the human needs of  a decent woman in involving herself in a situation of adultery as it were, despite her husband obvious acquiescence and seeming lack of interest in women it might be seen despite his
superficial engagements too it would appear.

Hoping for HD on this one soon - full bluray (widescreen) would be even better - dont these folks like to sell movies - or in any event allow more sharing of this culture as we make possible here and elsewhere on the net, for crissakes?

Michael Rizzo Chessman

Cuase Celebre 2