Commissario Brunetti TV series

"Commissario Guido Brunetti" TV Series
(authored by Donna Leon) (German TV series
set in Milan Italy)

(German language audio with english subtitles)

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This series is set in Milan Italy and features German actor
Karl Fischer as Detective Police Commissioner Guido Brunetti
Its an interesting series with German articulation that's
insightful into cultural nuances which are imported into the
script too mainly, one scene worth noting in the current climate
affecting cultural shift or drift on such matters involves
a scene where Brunetti's wife (Guido brunetti is played by Karl
Fischer) tells him in the kitchen area that their young daughter
is now seeming to have become a woman and that he might just
take note. To this he goes into the young ladys bedroom to find
her involved in her school homework. He picks up her book which
she is reading, notes that this shouldn't be "too hard" and the
proceeds to throw himself onto her body to playfully engage in
wresting for a while. that's a unique way to see how much your
daughter has matured with puberty I suppose however in the
cultural setting ostensibly being depicted such an idea wouldn't
sell I don't believe and seems rather out of touch for the author
who I believe is estranged from Italians in reality as I recently
read somewhere that of the many languages her novels of this
series have ben translated into, Italian still isn't one of the
languages involved - which apparently is by the author's specific
dictates on the matter, against allowing it to be done. Go figure!

Michael Rizzo Chessman