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Captain Corelli's mandolin (2001)

This movie, set on a Greek island during WWII tries to contrast the nature of the people there along with their neighbours, the great men of Italy that are in the main being given as example of men who seem to endure a bit of insults that go beyond the pale such as from the Greek town Hall Chief, and the woman of Greece played by Penelope Cruz who is mainly a tease in this movie and is quite hurtful at times.

The contrast sets the men of Greece and Italy as men who love their communities, each other that is as in a brotherhood of merited feeling and sanity and sense of merit in a valid idea of human idealism. showing in the examples great comraderry even in sharing music and times of fellowship.

On the other hand, the grief that befalls us all as we witness the massacre by German army troops using machine gun style of attack on unarmed Italian soldiers who have just surrendered their weapons is meant to cast aspersions on the lack of humanity that such greatly human men of this region are inflicted with as we see in this contrasting example and the response of the German commander when confronted on the massacre.

One has to remember that German officers, senior commanders did in fact all too often even carry out the destruction of German farms and their ability to feed the German people with such acts of sabotage and destruction, on the orders of a lunatic Adolf Hitler who wanted nothing to fall into "enemy hands" Enemies indeed. Ultimately what does in the Germans in the mind of most people is that Adolf Hitler too often serves as an example of who they are thought to have been in their minds given that they followed him with seeming madness all the way to destruction, using too many freaks on the public stage as was Himmler clearly and those involved in obvious atrocities for which there is no
defence in any other idea of what this was therefore all about in the minds of those with merit in terms of conscience reflecting on it all even today and forever more no doubt. never again. Amen

Michael Rizzo Chessman