Defamation - a 2009 Isareli made documentary on Jews
in this present day

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A film by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir meant to consider whether anti-semitism is still a problem on the planet in this day and age. Interesting interviews with members of the Jewish Defence League and Jewish Rabbis and Professors etc. Also an interesting trip to Poland by a group of young Jewish people looking to experience memories of Jews who had been there during the holocaust. Explores both sides of issues facing Israel and the Jewish people, showing many points of disagreement between Jews themselves at times over what it is they face and what to do about it. One such comment which stands out is when a young Jewish woman says "when I see on the news that they have demolished another home belonging to an Arab I say - let them do it! Jews suffered even more than that in our history as a Jewish people". While another young Jewish woman says "she'd like to kill all the heirs of the [Germans] that had been their enemies" So a lot of controversy in this documentary - initially viewed at - a free service to those holding valid library cards from participating Libraries in various cities everywhere - ask your library to allow you access equally.

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Latin phrase: Nulli certa domus
loosely translated :
"Nor is your own home secure as a result"
translated using some needed degree of poetic licence

Rachel corrie killed in Palestine