Pakistani Documentary - Dinner with Musharraf

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This interesting documentary looks at the human issue of civil rights in the land of Pakistan, it opens with a narration of the incident involving the Pakistaini Army chief of Staff (then General Musharraf) on a return flight from a State visit overseas, being refused rights to "land" "anywhere in Pakistan" with only 6 minutes of fuel remaining the army orchestrated a takeover of the airport and deposed the Prime Minister who gave the order banning Musharraf from "landing" Its an interesting documentary from there, with discussion on issues of civil liberties (including for crissakes the right to listen to music in ones own space - threatened by religious fundamentalist fanaticism - which many on the streets are opposed to - all out chanting "Down with the "Mullas" Then there's the moment when a woman reporter (our narrator of this documentary) confronts a group of tribal elders and suggests that they are in her determined view clearly misinterpreting what she as an expert on the Koran (Islamic holy book for its own adherents) in that they tend to impose views and beliefs that a more accurate or liberal spirited view would find unfounded in their commandments as set out therein, including for example the fact that in no part of the koran does it call for headscarves for women, and in fact she points out that the koran stresses the theoretical "equality" between men and women. The Pakistan President's views on a wide range of issues are interesting to hear articulated - so enjoy the documentary - one or two nice especially warm human spirited appearing gals of the area shown along the way

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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