Disclosure (1994)

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Disclosure (1994) Michael douglas Demi Moore

This movie stars the nice fella from Germanic spirit of achievement
(he'd be well at home in Italy/Spain) too I figure Mr. Michael Douglas - preyed upon in this movie role by the evil and wicked character of a woman played so adroitly it would seem - too much so maybe even - by dear Ms. Demi Moore

Ultimately good triumphs over evil - thank goodness - Michael's wife is also a nice enuf gal to stick with him during tough times for a marriage when her man is charged with Sexual assault - when clearly it is in fact a complete perversion of what actually occurred.

Evil should never have friends and those who pick sides without due regard to merit and fair play. It only keeps this mindset goin and goin and goin I should say. Time to shut their idea of justice and mob mentality in such situations down in a way that wont allow it to work - ever more I say!

Michael Rizzo Chessman