A Damning Documentary on the Psychiatric Industry
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DVD Title: "Psychiatry - an industry of death"

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This very well made, professional video treatment on the psychiatric industry dealing with the historical "evolution" of their practices and methodology to the present day shows barbaric and often times downright fraudulent approaches to dealing with problems requiring real and honest solutions - even euthanasia or simple psychological counseling - rather than a bottle of dangerous pills every time it seems from what we know especially from this damning video. I should especially point out the quackery for instance in the case of a dangerously cannibalistically inclined individual by the name of Vincent Li who devoured a young Canadian chap who was captive to him as his victim on a greyhound bus journey some years back. It is a massive fraud to suggest that being on "Olanzapine" (a drug that slows down thought processes in stupid fashion) can have this man cured of his derangement and freakish brain functioning - so as to be a free to move around in the community man once more - as has been the case for him in Manitoba by decision of his "treatment team" (only seeking to justify it seems their own paycheques and existence on the planet in this capacity i fear is the case it seems). A multibillion dollar fraud - the entire medication racket that these quacks continue to engage in - even destructive ant-depressants (SSRI types) which may cause impotence of an enduring nature in unsuspecting men. Ban the whole operation I say and shut these folks down in favour of sensible humane solutions instead.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
Founder: eurohumanist.org

Shown below is the cruelly deranged treatment of dear young
Irish spirited Ashley Smith of Canadian descent by those in Prison
garb praciticing cruelty as "psychiatrists" "in their own right" in
this godforsaken cultural enclave of this "equally" godforasken
country in this regard
. (Note the lack of human sanity in the level
of force brought to bear to smother out a human spirited sould
over time - a gal who died as a result of this continual assaults
on her being while being held by the Canadian system devoid of the
human spirit in sane fashion brazenly in evidence I put it you you.
Michael Rizzo Chessman Leader

These overdressed zealots in full riot gear against an
innocent unarmed young irish spirited gal out to see a
trial akin to nuremberg with the penalties to fit across
the board and with wholesale levels of jsutice to completely cleanse the planet - completely eradicate this impetus to
act this way in nipping it in the bud before it becomes present
in our midst in the first place.