dormant beauty

Dormant beauty (bella addormentata) (2012) - (Italy)

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Written and Directed by Mr. Marco Bellocchio - Also Stars Mr. Toni Servillo 

This is a look at whether some people currently extant on the planet might best be 
euthanized for whatever reasons such as those encountered in this movie and more 
no doubt. 

This includes having been on "life support" for 17 years as the woman in this storyline is 
and as well a look at those who are insane, unable to control violent outbursts of a harmful 
nature to the community and those insane or deranged and in an instance of one particular 
women who seems to vent in witch-like fashion uncontrolably and then say she cant 
"feel anymore", quality of life issues become raised. So its anyone's guess as to how far you 
could take all the possible scenarious I suppose - and where to establish an end point to the 
sorts of examples which could well go on and on I suppose for some. 

In an issue of Macleans magazine (published in Canada) I was quoted as having made 
the statement as follows in this respect: 

"In order for life to be supported, there must be a meaningful existence at stake. The pain and 
suffering of all involved must be considered. If life can only be justified on the basis that life is always 
a right and must be sustained only for this reason, then I suggest that we are being irrationally 
defensive rather than truly good." Signed Michael Chessman 

Michael Rizzo Chessman