Downfall (Der Untergang)  (2004)
Downfall (der Untergang)

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This movie looks at Hitler's final days and provides interesting insights into the thinking of those around him too around that time. Germany has in my own mind produced some of the finest crops of people in the past, as to the men, I most fondly remember my employer Mr. Brendan Hughes at a Computerland franchise operation in 1984 when I was Sales Manager there for a time - Brendan was Irish schooled and presentation - but clearly in my mind of direct German descent. He is probably the greatest of anyone I could ever envision working with ever again. Then too there are the greatest men of Australia and New Zealand such as Dr Simpson at The University of Toronto in Canada. I cannot imagine more humanly beautiful person so filled with Christianly goodness and thoughts at all times - another example of greatest of German men in my own view. Then of course we cannot forget President John F. Kennedy's speech "I am a Berliner too" and that brings to mind the likes of Paul Newman and Robert Redford - great men of German extraction I believe certainly too. As for women I am firmly convinced that the likes of Germany France and Holland etc too will keep the planet filled into the future with whatever there could possibly be hoped for in beautiful women of great spirit in this regard. Greta Scacchi (White Mischief - 1987) is of German (and Italian too) descent as is the gal in the German movie we just posted for you called "The White ribbon" - greatest beauty such as this I cannot fathom outdoing I must say! Hitler and his Henchmen on the other hand are a sad Chapter in German History of picking leaders. He had the mind of a witch in my own view - free of any of the constraints of human conscience that others afflicted with this condition in the world may have instead for a reality in their existence. I believe that those who engage too much in sating sadistic needs eventually become a witch in their mind functioning and this is a good reason to resist - while you still have control over the progression of this phenomenon. Anyway, I have a book pending on
the subject and will say a bit more about it soon I hope.

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Michael Rizzo Chessman