East West 101 (Australia)

Tros, Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agitur
"Trojan or Tyrian - I treat them as the same without discerning between them..."

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East West 101 (Australia)

This is a very interesting series contrasting mindsets which have come together in what has been much touted by a Parliamentary member I've watched give such speeches as describing
"Multicultural Australia" in the making.

The story centers around a police detective unit featuring a man of Mideastern descent (he is named "Malik" which in arabic means "God-like" I believe) (who might well have been Italian in his shared roots historically I suppose - mediterranean in any event I think so too) and a black police officer colleague as well as a controversially scripted Australian Irishman as colleague who at the outset states "you are either an Arab or a policeman" - not
both (even to our dear chap here "Malik" - who might well have been even Italian indeed).

When the Mideastern Officer is found to have attended a lecture by an anti-western mullah he responds to the investigating officers saying "I listened to 10 minutes of the speech of the Mullah and left, having disagreed with everything the Mullah said. - Yet at times the Mullah seemed more sane than you two" he goes on to say to the members of the Internal investigating Detective Squad.

Interesting Crime series  - Episode four bestows upon us the greatest beauty on the earth, an Australian woman who plays the role of a woman who is the target of a sexual mistreatment from a man for which she is given a Mercedes in partial compensation it would appear - although she no doubt still deserves more as its always the nicest of folks who seem to get taken in this world I hate to add.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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