El Norte

El Norte (1983)

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This movie looks at illegal immigration originating from countries like Guatemala where peasants are seeking to escape from poverty and violence by government forces and criminal gangs etc. I have to say for my part that my bother in law Jose Beltran who is from Chile is one of the nicest most decent human beings I have ever had the privilege to come to know. I cannot imagine a finer immigrant than this man of Chile (originally from Spain) for the areas I would want to live around whether in North America Europe or elsewhere such as Australia perhaps even too. That said, much illegal immigration may be of the wrong variety if it isn't properly vetted whether from South America, the middle east, Africa or wherever else much migration seems to be occurring from, as the needs of the countries they come into must be taken into full account including the needs for example to be free of terrorism related elements, actual criminal backgrounds and desirability in respect of social fabric integration in respect of such considerations as employability in this regard. Sometimes the best of people are obscured amongst some others perhaps who don't have the same qualities of merit to the same extent, and I say we should try harder to find these good people and give everyone the best opportunities possible on the planet keeping with their merit in this regard to the fullest extent so we aren't unfair to anybody concerned or related to this matter in any event.

Michael Rizzo Chessman