escape from pretoria (2020)

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This movie (by the way the best prison incident movie
out of (at the time referred to as) "White South Africa"
is the movie "Stander" don't miss our download here.)
looks at a theme we just touched on in the movie "A
United kingdom" (2016) Starring Rosamund Pike in which
we find what has been a horde of people who look white
presenting coming out with racial miscegenation in their
hearts in such manner of degree as to seem more like
an outsider to those they would have naturally have
been encamped with forever of course as who it is they
are or seemed - yet now seeming to pick the other side
as preferred to the extent of joining the fight against
whites as we see the "brothers" (white seeming fer shure)
at the start of this movie are into equally. As the
images show above, there's even romance in the air to
show the sense of belonging in this all. I pray (in my own
heart as it were for personal courage on the part of
all concerned - and the conviction from which it comes
in the first place) everytime I think on the matter of
dear Irene who is featured at our site, as a dear Christianly
soul of such greatest human spirit - forced to live in
squalor as she is abandoned by what should be kin folk
thinking on the part of European nations (Holland too
most of all certainly) as all too many have joined in
with thinking which at the core sees family values as
something to ignore and abandon in favour of other
modes of being, thinking and being oriented to instead -
imagine that!! merde!!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo upl)